Lorina Balteanu jewelry is imagined and designed by Lorina herself and made by hand by lacemakers from her own workshop. With the help of a shuttle, a resisting interlacing of knots and loops called "frivolité" is created. Feeling inspired by this technique, Lorina Balteanu had the idea of incorporating glass pearls and semi-precious stones into the lacework. While expanding the tradition, she also gives the lace a new sense of luxury, transforming it into a piece of jewelry.

Etincelle Collection
luxury lace and semiprecious stones
Precious stones are thought to be fallen star splinters which have planted themselves on Earth. For us, the Etincelle collection means 15 years of research, development and experiments on how to incorporate gemstones into the tatting lace… And we have succeeded…The Etincelle is Lorina Balteanu’s most beautiful victory. Precious and elegant, sophisticated and timeless. Per aspera, ad astra…
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Arantelle Collection
lace, silk threads, glass beads
Arantelle is the classic collection of the Lorina Balteanu brand, created by using the lace tatting technique with metallized silk threads. Embellished with glass pearls or pearlescent cotton, the jewels are simple and elegant like a spider’s web.
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Exclusive piece
designer jewelry in a single copy
Two red roses, or green firs, or drops of dew are never perfectly identical… Neither are the jewels of this collection which are designed for special, irreplaceable, unique women… Find yourself!
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special price offer
Saturdays are for waking up late, sipping on coffee in bed and reminiscing about the most beautiful moments of the week. It is the perfect time for little pleasures and whims. Lorina Balteanu accompanies you with a special price on her jewellery. On weekends only!
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