About Us

How should we introduce Lorina Balteanu, as she is by nature such a free and iconoclastic spirit?

Some will highlight the woman of letters, resident at the Gorki institute, the poet and the journalist... Others will put forward the commited woman, who has strived, at the head of a powerful foundation, for the economic and social developement of her mother-country, Moldavia.

In 2006, Lorina discovers and reinvents the technique of tatting (shuttle lace), thus creating jewels of rare elegance. Uniting her taste for arts and crafts with her social commitment, she created her own jewelry company and brand.

In spring of 2016, Lorina opened two boutiques in her own name in Paris : rue Dauphine, in the heart of Saint Germain des Prés, and rue du Pont Louis Philippe, by the Seine.

Tatting lace is an interlacing of rings and chains formed by knots, using fingers and a shuttle, which is particularly hard-wearing. This series of knots creates patterns, some of which can be extremely intricate.

This technique was very popular in the European courts of the 18th century. The ladies of the time appreciated its finery. They even crafted small pieces themselves in their drawing rooms, showing off their gracious mouvements.

Lorina Balteanu had the idea of incorporating glass pearls and semi precious stones into the lace. While enhancing the technique, she gives the lace a new sense of luxury, transforming it into a piece of jewelry.

Each piece is entirely hand-crafted by lacemakers from her own workshop who perpetuate this artistic handicraft.

Baroque, romantic, graphic, folk, styles dance as serendipity.

Necklaces, bracelets, earrings... the jewels fill with wonder, trigger the imagination. Reminders of the days of princesses, of mediterranean flamboyance or english gardens in the mist...

Evening bags or clutch bags – utterly «couture » - complete the collection : accessories of absolute distinction to be kept for a lifetime and to pass on...

By its inspiration and fine crafting, each piece is an invitation to marvel.